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Meet Joya!

Welcome to Sweat Nourish Bloom,

This is where I share all things health and wellness including recipes, navigating the diet world through my eyes, living a healthy lifestyle, and more. 

I am a nutritionist and personal trainer who's passion is encouraging people to improve their body image, diet mindset, and overall lifestyles to help them become all they were created to be. I am a whole foods based nutritionist who believes food should be used for both fuel and enjoyment. I love sharing how nourishing our bodies with real food creates a beautiful outcome. 

My motivation for living a healthy lifestyle is my husband and my baby girl. My hope is to be an example of what it looks like to steward our bodies well. 



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Achieve Your Goals

Sustainable Weight Loss

Sweat Nourish Bloom offers a reverse-diet solution that is sustainable. By following the newest fad diet you may see instant results but unfortunately they won't last because you cannot sustain them. At Sweat Nourish Bloom, I teach you how to implement healthy habits that you can sustain throughout your whole life. I help you become comfortable in the body you were meant to be in by eating what you were made to eat, and with this can come the weight loss you have been searching for.


Healthy Living

At Sweat Nourish Bloom, the focus is overall health. Overall health is the most important goal of mine for each person I help. When a person becomes healthier nutritionally, every other area in their lives also improves. When a person takes care of themselves and cherishes their one body they've been given, other areas in life start to become important as well such as keeping a clean house, progressing in career success, taking care of mental health, and more. I love to see not only the nutritional changes people experience, but also the other physical and mental changes. 

Exercise Programs

Exercise and movement is one important piece of the health puzzle. Whether it's walking or running, lifting weights, high intensity interval training, or yoga, find your niche and be consistent with it. With my background in personal training, I can help you find your best fit.

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"We cannot recommend Sweat Nourish Bloom more!! After working for several months with a tailored but very doable program for our life and family, we met many of our goals. We still continue to implement everything we learned. Joya is a treasure to work with! She was the biggest cheerleader every step of the way...changing our mindset, never shaming when we 'slipped up,' and always found creative solutions to challenges. Joya is our go-to resource for nutrition and overall health!!!"

Annie & Tim

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"SNB's nutrition plan and recipes literally changed my entire health lifestyle. Honestly, I was completely shocked after the first 90 days, I already went down 1 1/2 pant sizes. To have someone that is so accepting, understanding & non judgmental --that is tough to come by & she is truly a gem to have been coached by. SNB truly made healthy eating and fitness routines FUN, and for that I'm forever grateful!"



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